Date with my Dear Friends

Last night, I spent time with my two dear friends over dinner and coffee. The last time we had dinner was five months ago (and it’s the very first time I’ve ever gone out with friends since I resigned from work January of this year), so I was more than excited to see them again. I love staying home all the time, but being with these two crazy friends once in a while was like a breath of fresh air! Guaranteed non-stop laughter! I love you, Mye and Paulo!!! Until our next date! :-)


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Extended Summer

Apparently, nothing can stop these kids from swimming even if it’s rainy season.

My kids, Ayesha & Greggy with their playmate Myca

Mr. Sun was smiling when they started so I didn’t mind when they asked me to setup the inflatable pool after school. But after 30 minutes, it started raining heavily and it was already too late for me to back out. The kids were already having so much fun soaking in the water!

So with my husband’s approval, I let the kids have fun while swimming in the rain — silently hoping they wouldn’t catch a cold after that. I was grilling hotdogs and feeding them while they are having the time of their life. Oh well… *eyes rolling*

In times like this, it makes me wish we had some sort of Raypak pool heater. :-)

Hofner Electric Bass Guitar

Looking for an electric violin bass guitar that sounds great and easy to play at an affordable price? Why not check out the reviews on Hofner electric bass guitar and be impressed with how customers find this instrument worth buying.

Hofner H500/1-CT Contemporary Series Violin Bass Guitar

I love reading customer reviews on products that I’m eyeing to buy because it helps me decide if it’s worth my hard-earned money, especially if it’s a gadget or anything electronic.

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Save Money on Eyewear

By nature, we all like buying good stuff at an affordable price. Some even like buying in bulk to get a huge discount. We just need to be resourceful enough in order to find the best deals available.  And where is the best place to practice our resourcefulness?

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Now here’s the best part… offers an “in-home try on” scheme that allows a customer to choose his/her 5 favorite frames and try them at home for seven days before placing an order. Yes, they will send you the trial frames for free! They will even give you a return label so the shipping cost is covered when you send the frames back to them.

Now isn’t that the coolest thing on earth?!

Because of this, I am considering getting a new pair of eyeglasses real soon! If you’re interested as well, check out their Women’s Glasses section and see if there’s anything that you’d like to try. Enjoy shopping and don’t forget to share this website to your loved ones! :-)


What’s Your Favorite Hospital?

I dread going to hospitals.

But when one of us at home gets sick, there’s only one hospital that we keep going back to…The Medical City.

In 2010, Greggy was confined at The Medical City for 5 days due to tonsillitis.

Nice & new facilities, friendly staff and excellent customer service all the time. This hospital has never failed us and treated us the way every customer would want to be treated. How impressive!

The lovely nurses at TMC. We dropped by their station to thank them and say goodbye.

How about you? What’s your favorite hospital in Metro Manila? Feel free to share your recommendations here! :-)


Anyway, have you noticed those medical gas cylinders at the hospitals? A medical gas cylinder is a portable oxygen tank which is used in hospital devices and instruments for both surgical and non-surgical applications. When I gave birth to my two kids via caesarean operation in 2006 and 2010, I saw a few oxygen  tanks around the operating room. Later on, it was explained to me that those tanks were used to supply the anesthesia. (Read this article if you’re interested to know how the anesthesia is administered during an operation). I was sedated the whole time and didn’t care much about the technicalities of every little thing that transpired during my two operations. I won’t understand all the jargons anyway. I was just grateful that it turned out well and that my baby and I were safe on those two separate occasions. God bless our brilliant doctors!

iSi is a good resource for a variety of gas cylinders such as Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Argon and Nitrogen. For more information on CO2 cartridges and other gas-filled tanks, feel free to check out their website. Being the world’s leading manufacturer, iSi sure has the largest product range to offer in the industry.

Day Off

This happened a few Saturdays ago… :-)

Watching in admiration as my husband takes over the kitchen, puts on my apron and cooks a dish we haven’t tried before. :)

It was Saturday and my dear husband had taken the initiative to let me rest from cooking. What a sweet treat! I love cooking for my family, but sometimes it’s also good to just sit down, relax and have someone serve you like a queen. :)

I’d say having this man take over my kitchen was like watching a cooking comedy show LIVE. He was imitating Emeril Lagasse the whole time he was cooking. We couldn’t help but laugh as he cooked. Feeling chef talaga! Sooo funny!

I don’t remember the name of this dish, but it’s chicken marinated in apple sauce, oyster sauce and red wine vinegar. It turned out really yummy! Good job, daddy!

Sofa Surroundings

Sometimes a living room needs a makeover, and what better time to make this happen then during the fall time when it starts to cool down? Before the holidays are here take the time to revamp your space and discover sofa surroundings you will love. Your space will look like it’s brand new just from redecorating or adding to it. However, as opposed to buying brand new home elements and leather chairs, switch around décor pieces and furniture from around the home to save money. Developing a new decorative appearance will require creativity, but if you put your mind to it, it will look fantastic. Start using your imagination and develop a renovated chic living room area that’s heavenly.

End Tables – Change out your end tables to form a new look in your living room area and look forward to placing decorative pieces on the tables as well. Change up your table lamps by bringing a table lamp from another room in your home if you don’t feel like going shopping. Switching around décor pieces will create a brand new appearance that will give off the look that you completely redecorated when in fact you just utilized your imagination and decorative preferences.

New Pillows – Selecting new pillows for your sofa will create a fun new personality and often times, depending on the appearance of the pillows; they become a great focal point. Look for pillows that have bold designs such as chevron, zigzag, and geometric. Don’t forget about color and choose from pillow that will pull from the colors on the wall or the paintings on the wall. These types of pillows will stand out in the room and will also add comfort to your sofa for both your family members and guests to enjoy.

Coordinating Throw – Now it’s time to add a coordinating throw to your sofa surroundings. Find a throw that’s both comfortable and stylish looking. It will also be very cozy when it starts to get chilly, yet its attractive look will appear divine in your living room area. A soft throw that’s made of cotton, eco-friendly materials, or knit or crocheted fibers will add to a cozy space and your sofa surroundings will look very nice too. Now you have a complete space with the perfect sofa surroundings that you will enjoy from simply switching things around and using your decorating talent!

Sierra is a freelance writer who looks forward to blogging on her blog Ocean Dreams. She looks forward to relaxing in a cozy living room and focuses on her sofa surroundings to create a charming space.

Protecting Your Sofa from Stains

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to protect our home furniture, they are still not 100% free from stains and spills.Thanks to our wonderful little children for their creativity! Hehe.

Having a leather stain or ink remover handy can totally free us from unnecessary panic when the inevitable happens. It’s always a great idea to have something that can help you address the problem right away instead of getting mad at your children over something they didn’t intentionally do.

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